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Single Whip's Office

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• The Commonwealth system has whips which form pivotal role in the working of parliament
• They are important office bearers of the party.
• They maintain party discipline within the legislature
• They ensure the successful processing of government business in the Municipality working with the Government Single Whip (What we call the leader of government business or leader of the house. • They keep party leaders informed of the currents of opinion with the party caucus.

Services offered by Party Caucuses

• to ensure the carrying out of the principles embodied in the Labour Platform, and on all questions, and especially those affecting the fate of a Government, to vote as a majority of the Labour Party may decide at dully constituted Caucus meeting
• Even in a system where members do not sign pledges, members see cohesion as critical
• They perceive it to be their personal advantage to act cohesively
• It is mutually advantageous to their parties and themselves
• The maintenance of their parties as viable, organized and effective means they have a higher chance of remaining in office and achieving the objectives for which they and their parties represent.

Overall role of Caucus

• Firstly, it is a collective custodian of the implementation of the ANC Manifesto. It is accountable to the ANC structures.
• Secondly, it is the collective custodian of the ANC policy in governance on behalf of the ANC constitutional structures.
• Thirdly, it is responsible for ensuring cohesion and discipline among ANC cadres in a Caucus.
• Fourthly, its decisions are binding on all cadres and they can only be vetoed by the ANC constitutional structures.
• Lastly, it is accountable to its relevant structures of the ANC i.e. NEC, PEC, REC.

Role of Single Whip

• The Single Whip is the nerve centre of the ANC’s political management system and the engine of cohesion, discipline and accountability of all the public representatives to the structures of the movement and their constituencies.
• Together with the Offices of the Mayor, and the Speaker, the Single Whip’s Office is the central pillar on which the governing party’s programme in the Municipality stands or fall.
• The Single Whip has a duty to ensure effective political management among all these three centres of power and to do this effectively the Single Whip has to work very closely and dynamically with the office of Regional Secretary
• Furthermore, the Single Whip and the entire Caucus Leadership bear the leadership responsibility of motivating, advising and instilling discipline among all members deployed in a Caucuse
• Caucus should operate in accordance with the ANC traditions of collective leadership.
• ANC Caucus should meet regularly in Council and functions

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Cllr K.J. Molefe - Single Whip

Contacting The Single Whip

Contact Details

Telephone: +27 (0)12 713 1306

Functions of the Single Whip

• Overall coordination and political responsibility of the ANC – Councillors and Caucus.
• Link between the Speakers Office and the Mayoral Committee.
• Accounting Officer – authorises budget and expenditure for Caucus.
• Responsible for the political relationship between the Caucus and the constitutional structures of the ANC.
• Responsible for maintaining positive relationships with other political parties in the Council.
• Authorise study tours and leave of absence from Council.
• Spokesperson for the Caucus on decisions made at Caucus.
• Responsible for the management of the Caucus support staff.
• Convenes the debates (Parliamentary) strategy committee meetings and sits on Governance Committee.
• Deployment of Councillors in committees of Council.
• Responsible for the functioning of Study Groups
• May recommend the promotion and demotion of Councillors.
• Responsible for measuring and monitoring the performance of Councillors in all areas of deployment.
• Responsible for allocating PR Councillors to constituencies and keep them accountable.
• Responsible for the political accountability of the work of ward committees by ward councillors
• The Single may delegate the above functions and responsibilities to various Whips
• The Single Whip’s political and administrative authority comes from the organisation and the authority of Whips comes from the Single Whip delegated authority.
• It is the Single Whip’s responsibility to ensure that the Mayoral Committee’s programme is delivered on a timetable set by the Mayoral and agreed by Caucus.
• The Single Whip has considerable authority and powers over Councillor’s to ensure their proper political conduct. For those who step out of line, the Single Whip has an array of disciplinary measures e.g. The Single Whip may choose to reprimand a Councillor privately, or sharply rebuke the councillors in Caucus in front of all Councillor’s and the Secretary of the organization.
• Suspending a councillors from Caucus or ultimately recommending the redeployment of the ill-disciplined councillors(s) from Council.

Role of Whips

• Coordinates and oversees the implementation of the programme of action of the Caucus,
• Prepares strategically and politically an agenda for Caucus meetings.
• Oversees and monitors constituency work of all the ANC Councillors, working with the provincial Caucus
• Oversees the implementation of a systematic cadre-ship development programme of Caucus
• Develops and oversees the implementation of the Caucus research agenda.
• Ensures that the governing party’s agenda shapes the programme and detailed issues in preparation for Council meetings, and section 80 committee meetings.
• Reports regularly to Caucus on the work of Sub-Committees.
• Reports to the Single Whip on all policy and strategic issues that require political intervention. In this regard, propose a political referral system on substantive political and policy issues, such as identifying the issues that should be referred to the ANC Officials, RWC, before they are finalised by Caucus and ensure that the Single Whip and the Regional Secretary have regular meetings that facilitates political management.

Role of Caucus

on under the discipline and overall direction of the ANC Constitutional Structures.
• Caucus should ensure that all legislation that enacted conforms to ANC policy and our transformation objectives.
• Caucus should participate in the formulation and development of ANC policies through such policy making structures as are established.
• Caucus should be consulted on decisions which affect it.
• All ANC Councillor’s, MMC’s, Speaker and Executive Mayor are required to participate in the Caucus, contribute to the development of the ANC policies through involvement in the Study Groups and shall be accountable to the ANC structures and their constituencies.
• The above emphasised the ANC Caucus as centre in providing broad strategic leadership to Municipality and indeed society. In this regard the ANC has to use different structures of the province, this includes the Executive. This therefore confirms the importance and critical role of Caucus. It also requires that Caucus and in particular the office of the Single Whip to be politically strong.
• Is the collective custodian of ANC policy in governance, on behalf of the ANC constitutional structures.
• It is responsible for ensuring cohesion and discipline among ANC cadres in a Municipality.
• Its decisions are binding on all cadres and they can only be vetoed by the ANC constitutional structures.